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Kaneohe Elementary School Donation, Day Two

We’re back at Kaneohe Elementary for our second donation day with Ms. Sakamoto’s class of talkative and curious third graders! It was so nice to revisit Kaneohe Elementary for the second time in one week. In fact, as we were walking to set up in Ms. Sakamoto’s class, we passed by Ms. Sekimitsu’s class and saw some of the students had brought their Playground Art Crew tote bags back to school to carry some of their supplies! As with our other art lessons, we began with some quick and easy warmups for the students to get into the groove of things and explore their new art supplies. We wanted to give this class a different art project from the class...

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Kaneohe Elementary School Donation, Day One

We’re back in full swing with another donation, this time in collaboration with TWO third grade classes at Kaneohe Elementary! For our first day, we partnered with Ms. Sekimitsu and her fabulous class of almost 30 third graders for an afternoon full of fun and smiles.   We made the trip out to Kaneohe, one of the most beautifully mountainous areas located on the windward side of Oahu. As the students were enjoying their lunch recess, we took a few minutes to set up the classroom so it would be ready as they came back to class. Instead of drawstring bags, we provided each student with a Playground Art Crew tote bag filled with art supplies. As the students filed...

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