Robotics Art Crew At Nu'uanu Elementary

Our April 22nd art session at Nu'uanu Elementary School marks the first donation of our Playground Art Crew Coloring Books to local students! The coloring books feature a collection of artwork by artists from Hawai'i. 

Mr. Nakagawa's Robotics Class joined the crew for a two-part art session. In the first part of the session, students focused on creating and illustrating their own unique robots.  They were asked to think of a passion they have or a problem they would like to solve and write it down.  Next, they were asked to think of a robot that could help them follow their passion or solve their problem. Finally, they illustrated their custom robots and explained how would it work and what it would accomplish. The second part of the session was letting them choose their favorite page from our coloring book and coloring it however they wanted. It was interesting to see how each student was drawn(pun intended) to a certain artists' work. 

Finally our vision of having local artists inspiring local students has come full circle!

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