Kaneohe Elementary School Donation, Day Two

We’re back at Kaneohe Elementary for our second donation day with Ms. Sakamoto’s class of talkative and curious third graders! It was so nice to revisit Kaneohe Elementary for the second time in one week. In fact, as we were walking to set up in Ms. Sakamoto’s class, we passed by Ms. Sekimitsu’s class and saw some of the students had brought their Playground Art Crew tote bags back to school to carry some of their supplies!
As with our other art lessons, we began with some quick and easy warmups for the students to get into the groove of things and explore their new art supplies. We wanted to give this class a different art project from the class we visited the day before, so we had each student draw their very own Picasso portrait! Only a handful of the students had heard of Picasso before, so we showed them some iconic Picasso portraits as a visual inspiration for their own portraits. We also gave them a few example features they could use in their portraits in case they got stuck or needed more ideas. The students absolutely loved this assignment and had such a crazy fun time drawing! At the end of the hour, we saw that some portraits were black and white, some were colorful, some were crazy, some were more realistic, but all of them were truly beautiful and unique, just like each student!
A big mahalo to Kaneohe Elementary for welcoming us and giving us the pleasure of working with your students! We are happy to say that they are all now part of the Playground Art Crew!
As the great Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is born an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

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