Kaneohe Elementary School Donation, Day One

We’re back in full swing with another donation, this time in collaboration with TWO third grade classes at Kaneohe Elementary! For our first day, we partnered with Ms. Sekimitsu and her fabulous class of almost 30 third graders for an afternoon full of fun and smiles.


We made the trip out to Kaneohe, one of the most beautifully mountainous areas located on the windward side of Oahu. As the students were enjoying their lunch recess, we took a few minutes to set up the classroom so it would be ready as they came back to class. Instead of drawstring bags, we provided each student with a Playground Art Crew tote bag filled with art supplies. As the students filed back in from recess, we introduced ourselves and could really feel an energy of excitement in the air! 
After our warmup, we asked the students to draw in their sketchbooks their favorite things about summer! This was the perfect assignment for the students as we visited them on their last week of school. We saw a multitude of bright drawings which depicted dream vacations, their favorite beaches around the island, and towers of ice cream! Looks like it took them only three grades to find the keys to happiness!
One thing we were a little nervous about was managing the size of the classroom, but the students really impressed us by how patient they were and how well they followed our instructions! We really enjoyed our time with the students and loved seeing the different creative approaches they took with their Picasso portraits. As we began to wrap up, we had one last quick assignment for the students - each student received a single letter which they were to fill the page with in block letter style. They could use a solid color to shade in the block letter, use multiple colors, design a pattern, or draw inside to fill up the shape. When they were all done, they came together to create a truly collaborative masterpiece! Check it below!
Mahalo to Ms. Sekimitsu and Kaneohe Elementary for the fun times! More to come tomorrow for Day Two!


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