Kalihi Kai Elementary School Donation Day

We’re ringing in the New Year with Kalihi Kai Elementary! We are so grateful at the opportunity to partner with Mrs. Tawata’s third grade class at this school for our second donation day, and first of 2017!

On a Tuesday afternoon, we ventured out to Kalihi Kai for Playground Art Crew’s second donation day and art lesson. The school located in the Kalihi neighborhood of Honolulu, with the Honolulu International Airport to its west, and downtown Honolulu to its east. While many locals frequent Kalihi for its tasty restaurants (due to the high number of immigrants residing in the neighborhood), a 2015 census reports Kalihi as the neighborhood with the highest concentration of poverty in the state, with 69% of residents living below the poverty line. 
We arrived on campus to a warm reception from the students and passed out our signature drawstring bags, packed with art supplies for the students to keep. We began the art lesson with a few warmup exercises to keep those fine motor skills moving! After the students were all warmed up, we moved into the main focus of the art lesson, where we asked each student to illustrate their favorite thing about Hawaii. We were able to see some beautifully colorful illustrations depicting Hawai’i’s many beaches, water activities, delicious poke, the sunny weather, and pineapples of course! We’ll be incorporating some of these great “Hawai’i Favorites” into our upcoming collections. Thanks for the inspiration, Kalihi Kai!
Don’t forget to check out our video (footage courtesy of Troy Kohatsu) documenting  this wonderful experience. 
WARNING: Students will dab if the art session is too lit.  Please advise.

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