First Donation Day at Waianae Elementary School

We did it! Our first donation day at Waianae Elementary was a complete success and we are incredibly thankful to all those who have supported us in purchasing products from Playground Art Crew to make this day possible. 
A rainy day on the west side of Oahu didn’t put a damper inside the classroom during our creative art session for the students in Waianae Elementary’s After School Robotics program. After a welcome from Mr. Nakagawa, each student received their very own Playground Art Crew drawstring bag filled with crayons, colored pencils, and a sketchbook, which they were free to take home after the day’s art lesson. We started out with a few basic drawing exercises as a warmup which included creating your own unique patterned designs and drawing your own 3-D hand! It was a great moment to see the students’ exclaim upon seeing their own hand pop up out of the paper; this was definitely a new skill they hadn’t encountered before.
Now for the final project of the art lesson, we challenged each student to design and draw their own personal robot equipped with whatever special skills they would like. In just twenty minutes, these students were able to come up with some pretty innovative and hilarious ideas for what their special robot would do and look like. One student, Hi’ilani, created a robotic time-traveling watch she could wear on her wrist each day! The watch had presets which allowed her to travel forward one day, travel backwards one day, and another to skip the dentist. She’s got the right idea! Another student, Lopaka, decided he wanted a robot with extra strength! This robot can lift crazy amounts of weight, has an eight pack, and also has an ability to print money on demand.
Such a great afternoon spent with these amazingly talented students! Thanks again to our supporters for making this possible, Waianae Elementary and Mr. Nakagawa for inviting us into their classroom, and Troy Kohatsu for documenting the first of many art donations to come.

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