All Treats at Leihoku Elementary School

Summer is over, school has started, and fall is just settling in! Our first donation day of the school year was at Leihoku Elementary, out in Waianae. We planned it so that we could give Ms. Higa’s class at Leihoku a special treat on a very special day - Halloween!
Leihoku Elementary School Donation
Ms. Higa’s first grade students all looked so adorable in their costumes on Tuesday; we saw a pilots superheroes, princesses, a Star Wars character, and even a scary clown! The students were extra energized and talkative during our visit and we’re not sure if it’s because they were excited to mark art with us or if they were looking forward to trick-or-treating later on in the day 😃 Either way, we had a great time with them! We showed the class how they could make their very own collage jack-o-lantern out of patterned construction paper and love seeing how each student personalized their artwork. Some of the best ones we saw included a hairy jack-o-lantern and a 3-D mini jack-o-lantern! One thing you can always count on is for kids to impress with their creativity.
Leihoku Elementary Donation, Jack-O-Lantern
After the students completed their works of art, we passed out spooky, custom designed Playground Art Crew tote bags each student could use while trick-or-treating that night. Of course we wouldn’t hand out the bags without some candy too; don’t worry, we only gave out the good kind 😉 
Leihoku Elementary Donation
Mahalo to Ms. Higa and all her students for sharing the Halloween spirit with us!
Leihoku Elementary School Donation

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